Use McDonald’s Corporation problem/opportunity and research variable you wrote about in Week 3 (attached)Remember: do not actually collect any data; think hypothetically.
Develop a 1,050-word report in which you:
Identify the types of descriptive statistics that might be best for summarizing the data, if you were to collect a sample.Analyze the types of inferential statistics that might be best for analyzing the data, if you were to collect a sample.Analyze the role probability or trend analysis might play in helping address the business problem. Analyze the role that linear regression for trend analysis might play in helping address the business problem.Analyze the role that a time series might play in helping address the business problem.
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.Running Head: BUSINESS DECISION-MAKING PROJECT PART 1
Week 3
Identify the name and description of the selected company
The selected Company is McDonald’s Corporation. McDonald’s is a leading global food
service retailer. It has its presence in over 36, 000 locations in over 100 countries. All restaurants
are operated by the company or through franchises. Therefore, more than 80% of the company’s
restaurants are owned by independent local business people through franchises. The company
also has an equity investment in foreign affiliated markets. McDonald’s restaurants serve a
locally relevant menu consisting of food and drinks. It packages food, equipment and other foods
from independent suppliers. There are also independently owned and operated distribution
channels that distribute products and supplies to McDonald’s restaurants.
Being a global company, McDonald’s has an intensive supply chain process. However,
the company’s supply chain requires the filling of the corporation’s needs. This will ensure that
the company meets the goal of ensuring efficiency in customer orders. Even though an effective
supply chain management is the reason McDonald’s evolved from 1955 to become a global
company, the supply chain experience modern challenges. An effective supply chain for
McDonald’s must ensure that the staggering items from beef to the operating supplies make it to
every location. Therefore, there is the need to ensure that there is the customization of menus
according to the customers’ tastes and preferences as well as source products locally.
Describe the problem at that company
McDonald’s Corporation is facing challenges with its supply chain. Supply chains
significantly impact a business’s financial performance as well as its public image. McDonald’s
is the world’s iconic largest food service organization, however, there are problems with
transparency in its supply chain. This has resulted to the recent poor performance and
reputational problems. There was a port slowdown and supplier closure due to the questions of
safety concerns. It led to supply shortages and this negatively affected the food sales.
McDonald’s saw the appointment of new CEO to help correct the supply chain problem.
Therefore, it is clear that sourcing disruptions can impact the organization’s bottom line (New,
Identify one research variable from that problem
One research variable from the problem is the effectiveness of the supply chain
operations at McDonald’s Corporation. The management needs to ascertain the efficiency of the
supply chain operations and its relationship with the overall productivity and profitability of the
company. A typical supply chain consists of customers, retailers, assemblers, manufacturers in
the plants, and the suppliers of the raw materials. McDonald’s does not have own distribution
centers, therefore, maintaining efficient communication with the suppliers is critical. There is
also the need to track operations from daily point-of-sale data for all items including the stock
levels in the restaurant and the marketing plans for local menus to distribution center shipments
and inventories. McDonald’s deals with 16 major supplies and this necessitates the company to
have an understanding of the individuals who are responsible for planning each tasks and
carrying out those tasks among the players of the supply chain (Manning, 2013).
Particularly, the Company’s largest distributor makes deliveries to almost all of the
15,000 locations in North America. Without proper planning, it can overload the distributors.
Notably, each of the suppliers handles from 250 to 700 restaurants. They provide warehousing,
transportation and logistics for each of the restaurants. Therefore, McDonald’s a complex supply
chain requires proper planning to ensure that there are no significant disruptions in the
operations. There is also the need for collaboration and integration of information among the
supply chain members. This ensures that the right amount of relevant information is provided to
the supply chain members at the right time (Rowley & McMurtrey, 2016).
Methods for collecting a suitable sample of either qualitative or quantitative data for the
A sample must be representative of the population. The use of both qualitative and
quantitative data ensures that there is a balance between the information breadth and depth. It
also enhances comparability and generalizability as well as targeting of the particular
populations. It is essential to note that, when there is no adequate information for the
interpretation and the enhancement of the efficiency of the supply chain for McDonald’s
Corporation, it may be hard to determine the methods for improving the supply chain.
Quantitative data is the most effective for collecting a suitable sample. It is information that can
be measured and written down. It provides quantifiable information that is easy to comprehend.
Data collected is represented in numbers. Therefore, statistical tests are utilized in the data
Furthermore, the use of sample survey method is an essential quantitative data collection
method. It leads to a more representative information of the population. The data collected can
also be broadly generalized concerning the proportion of the supply chain members and linked to
the supply chain efficiency and effectiveness for McDonald’s. There are several advantages of
the use of sample survey method as a data collection method. McDonald’s has several supply
chain members. Consequently, the use of sample survey is a great way to give an effective
description of the features of the general population. Notably, the data collected using sample
survey method gives nearly the specific aspects of the population under study.
Remarkably, use of the sample survey method is a low cost method for data collection.
The researcher just requires to have to pay for the production of the survey questionnaires. It is
also a convenient method of data collection as the surveys can be administered to the participants
in efficient ways. The researcher can send the questionnaires with the use of electronic means
and avoid the hassles of having to move from one subsidiary to another to collect information.
Online survey methods have increased their popularity as a way to cut the costs while collecting
enough data from the target populations. Thus, it is even easier to collect data from an
international company like McDonald’s since the internet has no distance barriers.
Sample survey method results in a good statistical significance due to the efficient level
of representativeness. The researcher can find statistically significant results as multiple variables
are utilized in the assessment of the data collected. At the same time, all the participants are
given a standardized stimulus in responding to the questions. There is a greater level of reliability
since there is the elimination of biases. The questions answered undergo careful scrutiny and
standardization. In that case, there is a uniform definition of all the participants who respond to
the questions. Precision is thus guaranteed (Rea & Parker, 2014).
Analyze how you will know if the data collection method would generate valid and reliable
Validity of a data set is an indispensable foundation of a scientific method. It is a concept
that establishes whether the results of the information obtained meet all the requirements.
Results must be examined to determine and question if there are any other possible causal
relationships. On the other hand, reliability implies that results must be inherently repeatable.
Other researchers should have the ability to perform the exact experiment under the same
conditions and generate the same results. Therefore, reliability of a data set reinforces the
findings and ensures that there is a wider scientific community that will accept the results of the
data (Csikszentmihalyi & Larson, 2014). In determining if a sample survey method is valid and
relevant, there is the need to determine the subject variability along with the time that is allotted
for the data collection. Also, the target population characteristics and the interaction with the
subjects determines the validity and the reliability of the data collection method. Taking into
consideration the research is also important.
Csikszentmihalyi, M., & Larson, R. (2014). Validity and reliability of the experience-sampling
method. In Flow and the foundations of positive psychology (pp. 35-54). Springer
Manning, L. (2013). Corporate and consumer social responsibility in the food supply
chain. British Food Journal, 115(1), 9-29.
New, S. (2015). McDonald’s and the challenges of a modern supply chain.Harvard Business
Review. Pub, 4.
Rea, L. M., & Parker, R. A. (2014). Designing and conducting survey research: A
comprehensive guide. John Wiley & Sons.
Rowley, B., & McMurtrey, M. E. (2016). McDonald’s and the Triple Bottom Line: A Case
Study of Corporate Sustainability. Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability
Vol, 11(1), 33.

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