Injustice on the judicial system of raceRESEARCH PROPOSALIt is very important that you have each of the components that are listed below, and that they are in the correct order (as listed below)!Your proposal will consist of your title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, literature review, hypothesis/problem statement, definitions and references. Please title each section in bold. All of this must be in APA format. Each section will be briefly reviewed below: Abstract – A brief paragraph that summarizes what you want to research and why it is important.Table of Contents –Introduction- Introduce your topic. Why are you exploring this topic? In this section, it is appropriate to use a few sources that are not from peer reviewed journals. These may include mass media, television, newspaper, magazines, etc., information found on the Internet, books, etc. In addition, peer reviewed sources should also be used. This section is expected to be over 1 page in length however typically less than 3 pages. This section should grab the reader’s attention to the problem you want to look into – try and note why the information might be important. Would it inform policy? Might it lead to more safe conditions? Etc.Literature Review – This section contains only peer reviewed research that is related to your particular topic. I want to make it very clear, you should choose a topic that has many (you will want no less than 6 or 7) peer reviewed research articles for you to use. Do not choose something abstract where you cannot find anything to support your literature review.  Peer reviewed research articles are those that appear in criminal justice or public policy related journals – they have passed a rigorous review process to validate the research contained in the article. The review process for these journals involves forwarding the research study to several researchers associated with the journal and these researchers review the study for reliability and validity, bias, proper research policies and procedures, ethical treatment of research subjects, ethical practices of the researchers, etc. If all of these and other criteria are met, the study can then be published in that journal.This literature review section is expected to be very thorough and substantial. While there is no page expectation, it is expected that all of the major peer reviewed research related to your topic will be covered. This typically will be several pages and is to be in paragraph form and not in list form. It is expected that there will be a smooth flow between articles and subtopics – much like you will find in published peer reviewed research articles. Do not turn in an annotated bibliography for this section. Rather, students should talk about the literature in summary fashion and note why the research is important and what the findings suggest. You should read over a couple of journal articles and note how they do their Introduction and literature review. This will help guide you as you set yours up!Hypothesis/problem statement – These are your research questions (what you plan to measure/examine). This section may also be in paragraph form. Research questions must be individual questions that each measures only one item (one question = one measurement). A couple of questions are expected in this section (typically 2 to 5). You MUST put these questions in traditional hypotheses format. For example: IF someone grows up in a poor neighborhood, they will be more likely to be involved with crime than someone in a middle or upper class neighborhood. OR, I hypothesize that women who are educated about the prevalence of sexual assault will take more precautions and as a result be less likely to be victimized in this way (when compared to less educated women).References – References are to be in APA format. If you have a citation in the body of your work you must have the appropriate reference in the reference section. Also if you have a reference in your reference section, you must have a citation from that work somewhere in the body of your work. The citations and references must match up.You will be strictly held to the APA standards. Proper citations, in both format and use, as well as proper references5 out 20 points:
Sources are seldom
cited to support
statements and/or
Use of
Zero points
Sources Student
(worth a failed to
maximum of
20% of the citations
total points) and/or
OR the
format of citations are
not recognizable as
APA 6th Edition
format. There are
major errors in the
formation of the
failed to
references and
submit a
final paper
Criminal Justice Formal Written Paper Rubric
Quality of No
Poor/Unsatisfactory Satisfactory
Response Response
Content Zero points
20 points out of 50:
30 points out of 40 points out of 50 points: The
(worth a Student The essay illustrates 50: The essay 50: The essay
essay illustrates
maximum of failed to poor understanding of illustrates a
illustrates solid exemplary
50% of the submit the the relevant material rudimentary
understanding of understanding of
total points) final paper. by failing to address
understanding of the relevant
the relevant
or incorrectly
the relevant
material by
material by
addressing the
material by
thoroughly and
relevant content;
mentioning but addressing most correctly
failing to identify or not full explaining of the relevant addressing the
the relevant
relevant content:
explaining/defining content:
identifying and identifying and
key concepts/ideas, identifying some explaining most explaining all of
ignoring or incorrectly of the key
of the key
the key
explaining key
concepts/ideas concepts/ideas; concepts/ideas;
points/claims and the though failing to using correct
using correct
reasoning behind fully or accurately terminology: terminology
them, and/or
explain many of explaining the explaining the
incorrectly or
them, using reasoning behind reasoning behind
inappropriately using terminology
most of the key key points/claims
terminology, and though
points/claims and
elements of the
and/or where substantiating, as
response are lacking inaccurately or necessary or necessary/ useful,
inappropriately useful,
points with several
substantiating accurate and
incorporating some points with
some key
examples. No
claims/points but examples. The aspects of the
failing to explain answer is
required answer
the reasoning complete. are missing
behind them or
doing so
Elements of the
citations. And/or there
is a major reliance on
highly questionable.
The Student fails to
provide an adequate
synthesis of research
collected for the
10 out 20 points: 15 out 20 points: 20 points:
References to Credible
Credible scholarly
scholarly sources scholarly sources sources are used
are occasionally are used
to give compelling
given; many effectively
evidence to
statements seem support claims support claims
unsubstantiated. and are, for the and are clearly
Frequent errors most part, clear and fairly
in APA 6th Edition and fairly
represented. APA
format, leaving
represented 6th Edition format
the reader
APA 6th Edition is
is used accurately
confused about used with only a and consistently
the source of the few minor errors. The student uses
There are minor above the
There are
errors in
maximum required
significant errors reference and/or references in the
of the formation in citations, and/or development of
the references there is some the assignment.
and citations,
use of
and/or there is a questionable
significant use of sources
Zero points
maximum of failed to
20% of
submit the
total points) final paper.
5 points out of 20:
The paper does not
10 points out 20:
The paper is
often unclear and
difficult to follow
due to some
ideas/points clearly
due to inappropriate
use of terminology
and vague language:
thoughts and
sentences are
disjointed or
organization lacking:
and/or numerous
and/or vague
language; ideas
may be
wandering and/or
repetitive: poor
and/or some
spelling errors.
15 points out of 20 points: The
20: The paper is paper is clear,
mostly clear as a concise, and a
result of
pleasure to read
appropriate use as a result of
of terminology
appropriate and
and minimal precise use of
vagueness; no terminology, total
tangents and no coherence of
repetition, fairly thoughts and
presentation and
organization; logical
almost perfect organization, and
the essay is error
punctuation, and
word usage
response may
also be lacking.
Structure of Zero points:
the Paper Student
(worth 10% failed to
of total submit the
points) final paper.
3 points out of 10 5 points out of 10: 7 points out of
Student needs to Appearance of 10: Research
develop better
final paper
paper presents
formatting skills. The demonstrates the an above-
paper omits
student’s limited
average use of
significant structural ability to format formatting skills.
elements required for the paper. There The paper has
and APA 6th edition are significant slight errors
paper. Formatting of
errors in
within the paper.
the paper has major
formatting and/or This can include
flaws. The paper does the total omission
small errors or
not conform to APA
of major
omissions with
6th edition
components of an
the cover page.
APA 6th edition
abstract, page
paper. The can number, and
include the
headers. There
omission of the
could be also
cover page
slight formatting
abstract, and
issues with the
page numbers. document
Additionally the spacing or the
page has major
font. Additionally
formatting issues the paper might
with spacing or
slightly exceed or
undershoot the
formation. Font specific number
size might not of required
conform with size written pages for
the assignment.
The student also
significantly writes
too large or too
short of and
10 points: Student
provides a high-
caliber, formatted
paper. This
includes an APA
6th edition cover
page, abstract
page number,
headers and is
double spaced in
12′ Times Roman
Font. Additionally
the paper
conforms to the
specific number of
required written
pages and neither
goes over or
under the
specified length of
the paper.

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