Question 1  A loop can also be known as a
DecisionSequenceIterationStructure 2 points   Question 2  Abstracts a program’s various tasks or function into separate named blocks of code.
ModularizationCode blocksSubroutinesFlowcharts 2 points   Question 3  Boolean expressions are only true True False 2 points   Question 4  Component of a function used to get an output directly from that function.
foroutputreturnprint 2 points   Question 5  Considered the brain of the computer
GPUCPURAMHDD 2 points   Question 6  Loops are similar to decisions in that they have a condition statement which evaluates to a TRUE or FALSE value. True False 2 points   Question 7  Serves the same purpose as a list, but is considered less flexible.
IterationArraysFlowchartCode 2 points   Question 8  The Python Framework does inform you where an error occurred. True False 2 points   Question 9  This programing element begins with the keyword def.
variablesfunctionskeywordslists 2 points   Question 10  Used to define the scope in Python
{ }subindentation( ) 2 points   Question 11  ____ within a list are identified by an index number, placed within square brackets after the name of the list. For example, names[0]
DecisionsItemsElementsCode 2 points   Question 12  Python requires the user to specify a variable’s data type during creation. True False 2 points   Question 13  It is arguable that recursion is just another way to accomplish the same thing as a while loop. True False 2 points   Question 14  Scope is defined the same way in all programming languages True False 2 points   Question 15  In Python, this serve as an alternative to a lists which offer slightly different functionality by replacing index values with names.
DictionariesEncyclopediasArraysObjects 2 points   Question 16  Which of the following is NOT true about recursion
It is usually studied at the advanced levelIt can accomplish the same tasks as a for loopRecursion is used to solve complex problemsRecursion functions require more memory 2 points   Question 17  Which is the following is NOT a basic programming concept listed in the lecture
Logic and SyntaxObjectsCode BlocksProduce Output 2 points   Question 18  Is an example of an exception object in Python
TryDefValueErrorExcept 2 points   Question 19  Incorporates the use of the three primary programming structures and logic strategies that create well organized, easy to read, and easy to understand program code.
Unstructured ProgrammingFlowchartPseudocodeStructured Programming 2 points   Question 20  An example of declaring a new class object.
menuSelection = displayMenu()pets = {}pets = Pet()elif menuSelection == 4: 2 points   Question 21  while True: , in Python, can be used to create an infinite loop. True False 2 points   Question 22  The Python Framework does inform you where an error occurred True False 2 points   Question 23  ____ is a critical component to being able to store data and information long term.
File AccessMemoryPrint functionwith 2 points   Question 24  Error handling is also known as ___ handling
ResultRecursionExceptionCrash 2 points   Question 25  We use a ______ block to handle thrown exceptions.
tryexceptkeywordslists 2 points   Question 26  When does python limit access to global objects from within a scope?
When there is the presence of a newly created local variable with the same name as a global variable.When there is the presence of a newly created local variable with a different name than the global variable.When there are no new variables.When there is the presence of any newly created variable. 2 points   Question 27  Passes multiple values into a function for processing
Global variableCode blockReturnParameter list 2 points   Question 28  There is no limit to the number of except blocks a program can have. True False 2 points   Question 29  When we pass a variable into a function and then modify that variable inside of the function, it also modifies the variable outside of the function that we passed into the function. True False 2 points   Question 30  def calcBMI(hgt, wgt);  BMI = wgt * 703 / hgt ** 2  return BMIWhat is wrong with the above code syntax
(hgt, wgt) should be (hgt; wgt)The ; should be a :The ** should be a ^The function code block needs to be closed with enddef 2 points   Question 31  The function that can be used to generate a list of index values, useful in controlling a for loop:
list()range()rand()str() 2 points   Question 32  The function used to import python code and objects from other python files.
buildaddimportprint 2 points   Question 33  An interpreter converts the entire source code into an executable. True False 2 points   Question 34  Compilers and interpreters have the following in common:
Reads the source code into machine code, all at once.Translates machine code into byte code.Reads the course code one line at a time.Translates source code into machine code. 2 points   Question 35  The _______ block is used to perform normal operations, but allow an exception to be thrown, thus ending the _______ block.
TryExceptThrowCatch 2 points   Question 36  def setPhone(self, phone): = phoneThe above code is an…
Mutator methodAccessor methodGlobal functionExcept Function 2 points   Question 37  What does this operator mean <= EqualApproximatelyGreater than or equal toLess than or equal to 2 points   Question 38  Write a 4 element Python dictionary object that contains four colors as the names and their values as examples of something that is that color. Example: “red”: “apple” For the toolbar, press ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT+FN+F10 (Mac). Content EditorUse arrow keys to select functionsPath: Words:0 2 points   Question 39  Write a Python class definition for an Employee object that contains the following elements:Attributes:idnamewagedepartmentMethods:Initializer which sets ID, name, and wageSet NameSet DepartmentGet IdGet NameGet WageGet Department For the toolbar, press ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT+FN+F10 (Mac). Content EditorUse arrow keys to select functionsPath: Words:0 2 points   Question 40  In Python, all exceptions must be instances of a class that derives from BaseException. True False 2 points   Question 41  Attributes are to variables, as methods are to ______________. declarationsobjectsfunctionsexceptions 2 points   Question 42  Programming method of solving a problem by solving a smaller version of the same problem, repeatedly RepetitionProblem SolvingDebuggingRecursion 2 points   Question 43  Function used to close a file once the program is done with that file. end()close()finish()detach() 2 points   Question 44  The len() function accepts an object and returns: the object’s size in kilobytes.the number of elements in the object.part of the object.number of parameters in the object 2 points   Question 45  _____ are part of the UML and is used to illustrate how your program’s functions will relate and support your organization’s various functions. FlowchartsUse case diagramsClass diagramsCommunication diagrams 2 points   Question 46  Comments in Python begin with: ///>*# 2 points   Question 47  A UML diagram used to examine the various states that any objects will go through at various points in time
State machine diagramsUse case diagramsCommunication diagramsObject diagrams 2 points   Question 48  The simplest way to produce output is using the _____ statement
GetTryPrintUse 2 points   Question 49  Separates the keys when defining the contents of a dictionary.
({:[ 2 points   Question 50  Statement used to delete a dictionary element
removedeleraseterminate 2 points   Question 51  Which of the following is NOT a number type supported by python
charintlongfloat 2 points   Question 52  What is the output of the following Python code:SIZE = 10numbers = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]index = 0while index < SIZE:  numbers[index] = index * 10  index = index + 1while index > 0:  index = index – 1 print(numbers[index])

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