hey can you please write my 10 page paper. you wrote my 5 page rough draft and everything else for me. can you please help me out I have to ace this paper.The primary assessment of this course is a formal, scientific research proposal. This proposal should include a title page, a literature review, a method section and a reference page. Remember that this proposal should be based on one of the 10 research topics that were provided above.The proposal is worth a total of 100 points and should be at least 10 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, and according to APA guidelines). You will also need to provide at least 10 peer-reviewed reference citations from peer-reviewed journals as support for your proposal. This is IN ADDITION to any other types of sources (i.e., book, book chapter, website, interview, media, etc.) that you may need to write a sufficient research document.This is something that you should begin IMMEDIATELY! The sooner you select one of the above mentioned topics, and begin researching it, the better off you will be! This assignment is due by 9:00am on Friday of week 4 (i.e., the last day of the summer session).Running head: SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACTS: LIST OF REFERENCES
Social Media Impacts: List of References
Institution Affiliation
Christakis, D. A.; Moreno, M. A. (2009). “Trapped in the Net: Will Internet Addiction Become a
21st-Century Epidemic?”. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 163 (10): 959–960.
Hargittai, E. (2007). “Whose space? Differences among users and non–users of social network
sites”. Journal of Computer–Mediated Communication 13 (1, article 14). Retrieved 14
September 2011.
Junco, R., Heiberger, G., & Loken, E. (2011). The effect of Twitter on college student
engagement and grades. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 27(2), 119-132.
Morahan-Martin, J.; Schumacher, P. (2003). “Loneliness and social uses of the internet”.
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challenge: An introduction to the special issue”. Telecommunications policy 39 (9): 745–
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Level Digital Divide”. Journal of Instructional Psychology 38 (3/4): 181.
Wang, Z.; Tchernev, J. M.; Solloway, T. (2012). “A dynamic longitudinal examination of social
media use, needs, and gratifications among college students”. Computers in Human
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Wrigh, D. (2008). “How blogs and social media are changing public relations and the way it
is practiced” (PDF). Public relations journal. Retrieved 22 April 2016.
Research Proposal Requirements, Guidelines, & Grading Criteria
Final paper must be submitted to turnitin.com by 9:00am on the Friday of week 4 of the
summer session. Information regarding the course ID and password for turnitin.com is available
on the course syllabus. Early papers are welcome. Please keep in mind that LATE PAPERS will
NOT be accepted under any circumstance.
Requirements and Guidelines
1. You must select your topic from one of the ten research topics provided on the course
2. Your assignment is to propose a research study.
3. You are to read research material (i.e., journal articles, books, book chapters, etc.) that
interest you, and propose your own idea for a study
a. You may want to:
i. Make minor changes to a study that you have read about
ii. Design a study based on “future directions” suggested by a published
iii. Propose a design entirely dissimilar to anything you’ve read
4. The most important aspects of this assignment are:
a. To propose some type of research study
b. To base this original idea on empirical evidence and existent literature (i.e., peerreviewed journal articles, books, book chapters, etc.)
5. Other important aspects of this assignment:
a. It should be at least ten pages in length, double-spaced, and in Times New
Roman 12 point font.
i. If you do NOT do this, you will LOSE POINTS.
b. It must be in APA style – see handouts and class notes
i. ASA style may only be used if you are a sociology major
c. You must include at least eight peer-reviewed (i.e., journal article) references
d. You must use these references as the basis of the argument for your proposed
e. You must discuss the references and your ideas using proper scientific language,
as discussed in class
Paper format:
1. Your paper MUST include a Title page, complete with a running head and page numbers
2. The majority of your text will be in the form of an APA style literature review, including
the proper style of references in the text
a. The first paragraph should clearly introduce the topic of interest and should end with
a clear purpose statement
b. Toward the end of the literature review section, you will state your original idea in
paragraph form, based on the literature you’ve just reviewed
a. Within your final paragraph, immediately preceding the beginning of the
method section, you will state your hypothesis clearly
i. Tell me what you would expect to find
3. The next part of your paper will be in the form of an APA style Method Section. The
Method Section will be in future tense, because you are proposing this study. Your
Method Section should include the following subheadings:
a. Participants
i. Who and how many?
ii. Where will you get them?
b. Measures
i. Detailed description of the instrument(s) to be used (i.e., survey,
questionnaire, etc.)
c. Design
i. Detailed description of the experimental design (i.e., correlational, case study,
ii. Description of the manipulations (i.e., IV) if any.
d. Procedure
i. Detailed explanation of exactly what participants will experience, presented in
the future tense.
ii. This should be a step by step description of the entire data collection process.
4. The very last part of your paper will be a References section, in proper APA style format.
a. At least eight peer-reviewed references
b. You will only list references that were cited in the body of the paper.
c. No references should appear in the reference section that was not cited in the body
of the paper, and no references should be cited in the body of the paper that was not
included in the reference section.
d. If you provide references that were not cited or cite sources that are not
provided in the reference page, you will lose points!
Grading Criteria:
The proposal is worth a total of 100 points. You will be graded primarily on how well you have
proposed your study. This includes; the clarity of the introduction paragraph, complete with a
clearly stated purpose statement, how well you provide evidence (i.e., empirical evidence along
with the appropriate citations) to support your claims, and whether or not you have included a
clearly stated, falsifiable research hypothesis. The methodology chosen for the study will also
play heavily in your final grade. The method is very important!
You will also be graded on how well you have followed all of the APA formatting and style
guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to; the running head, page numbers, appropriate title,
correct section headings, correct use of in-text and reference citations, and the appropriate use of
language for a scientific research paper.
Finally, you will be graded on the overall quality of your writing. This includes, but is not
limited to your use of appropriate language (i.e., non-sexist, non-biased, or use of jargon), your
ability to present clear and concise sentences and paragraphs, and a lack of grammatical and
spelling errors. Your paper should be clear and concise, yet still flow well throughout, and it
should be evident that you have taken the time to incorporate your peer-review feedback, my
feedback, and spell check your document.
Research Proposal
Akela Branch
Wingate University
Participants in the research
In an effort to make sure that the research on the impacts of social media is successful, I
would love to make sure that the following people are involved in the research. To start with, it
would be important to involve the users. These are the people that are most affected and they are
the basic people on whom the research is being conducted. They should be given a chance to be
able to state their different observations on the issue of social media (Poynter, 2010). This
includes the advantages and the disadvantages that social media has had on them. In general,
they should give a good overview of the impact of the sites to them.
Second, I would make sure that I make the relevant government authorities to be able to
give their take on the issue. The most relevant would be the authorities with the duties of making
sure that there is communication between people. There should also be efforts to make sure that
the different privacy laws are observed and the authorities with this responsibility should be able
to clear point out the circumstances as they are. Lastly, I would make sure that there is
participation of different people that can be able to represent the views of the social media
owners in an effort to have a fair platform for the social Medias as well.
Measures to collect data
In an effort to collect the data information that is required, the following methods can be
used to make sure that the relevant data from the participants is collected. The first method that is
suitable is the use of questionnaires. These are the different questions that are written in a paper
and they are provided to the different participants for them to present their views. This goes a
long way in making sure that the different people are able to provide answers for the same
questions and hence data can be collected by analyzing the different answers that they have
The second applicable method is the use of the interviews. This is something that can be
done in the long term and more cautiously. This is most applicable for the participants that are in
small groups. This is important as it can help make sure that one is able to get the relevant
information from the government officials as well as the social media officials (Creswell, 2013).
This is important as it make sure that specific questions can be asked and answered in the best
manner possible. This makes sure that the answer that is wanted can be directly sourced from the
people that are participating.
Lastly, it would be important to collect data from secondary sources. This means that
materials that have already been written would provide a good source of the information.
Seeking this information would be important to make sure that the material that has already been
researched has provided good materials for this research. Reading through such materials would
be able to provide the different information that is necessary for the well being of all the different
people that are involved.
Design being implemented
The type of research that is being implemented in this case is the descriptive research.
This is because the main item that is being used in this case is the survey methodology. This is a
method through which the different participants are used to give data as a sample from a larger
group. For example, the questionnaires will be given to the people that are involved and this
makes sure that the different people are given a chance to be able to present their own views. The
information that is collected from these people is seen as information that is representing the
views of a larger group of people. This plays a huge role in making it descriptive research and is
viewed in the same manner by all.
The descriptive research is most suitable in this case, in an effort to make sure that the
best possible results are found from the people that are involved. It is important to make sure that
in the long term, the information that is collected will be able to answer the questions that are
currently being posed. Through the descriptive research, it is notable that interviews and
questionnaires are the basic collecting methods and this assures the users of the best possible
results. The method will be able to cover all the different aspects of research and will give the
data that is expected to be collected for analysis.
In an effort to conduct the hypothesis, the first step would be for me to be able to make
my own assumptions. This is important in making sure that the researcher has something to work
on as to whether prove it true or not. This should be followed by null hypothesis. This is
important as it makes sure that the different parties in the study are able to have an assumption
that is supported for them to be able to research on whether it is true or not.
The next step would be to select a sample distribution that can be used to collect the
information. This means that it calls for the selection of the different people that will be used in
collecting the relevant data for the study. The statistics that is collected from the small group
should then be analyzed in an effort to come up with good data. Using the results that have been
interpreted, it would then make sense to be able to provide for the different judgments that would
be provided for with the correct information from the analysis.
Creswell, J. W. (2013). Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods
Poynter, R. (2010). The handbook of online and social media research: Tools and techniques for
market researchers. Chichester, West Sussex, U.K: Wiley.

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