I need someone to review the document that I have attached and add information that would be helpful to each section. THe document is completed, I just need to add something extra to ensure a better paper.Running Head: PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION AND TRAINING PLAN
Product Documentation And Training Plan
Tyrone Armstrong
Southern New Hampshire University
Background and Area of Focus
BOLDFlash needs a creation of a new environment since the current one is experiencing
problems in implementing and effective communication at large.(Weller, Boyd, & Cumin, 2014).
The key areas of focus include; internal business processes, product documentation, or technical
service communication. These are the main areas that need serious evaluation to make the
communication more accurate, effective and efficient. All the areas need first to be analyzed and
revised through looking at the past information to look at the best possible areas of focus. After
the old document is reviewed, a new one can be created to address the key areas. Each of the
areas has been reviewed in respective paragraph below.
Framework for planning
Internal business process
The current internal business process needs to be standardized to make it applicable in other
fields and subsequent projects being undertaken (Weller, Boyd, & Cumin, 2014). The process
needs to be flexible to incorporate changes likely to be experienced in subsequent projects later
in the organization. Employees have developed very negative attitude towards this ancient
internal business process complaining that they are outdated and in most cases, they are
implemented merely without any valid reason. Employees further argue that the information is
usually unnecessary and of no use to the organization. They give an example of a memo. In most
cases memos happen to be short and brief and they give information inform of directives without
offering solutions to improve the organization in achieving their set goals and objectives. The
headings are also are not targeted to the right individuals for example you do not expect a memo
with the same heading to serve an accountant and a manufacture in the same institution.
Technical service communication
The Technical service communication does not really know the target audience and therefore it
rarely addresses the problems facing the audience. For instance, a document showing
information about a product can include some images displaying the new product and how
exactly it will look like in order to suit different customers.(Weller, Boyd, & Cumin, 2014).
Pictures tend to pass information better and in a way, they persuade buyers to buy the new
product in the market. The pictures can also include possible awards in order to compete with
existing competitors in the market. Another detail that should be included is the price of the
manufacture. This is an upcoming trend in modern business. It is meant to inform customers on
the price of the commodity in order to avoid excessive exploitation of the consumer by other
groups in the chain of distribution. Therefore, the Technical service communication team should
include this information and pass it to the consumers in the best way they understand effectively.
Product installation and documentation
Product installation and documentation is mostly submitted to the Technical service
communication team them from there it is submitted to the customer to aid him or her in
installing the commodity for use.(Gronstedt, 2012). This is mainly done in products meant for
large audience. This is because it is usually very hard to reach all of them. Therefore, this calls
for a more convenient means of teaching users on how to install their gadgets. For instance,
nearly all mobile phones have an installation documentation showing customers on how to install
sim card, battery and other accessories in the phone in order to use it. The current teams assume
that most people are conversant with technology and recently the documentation on how to
install is mostly found online to help the users in installing with ease. These current traits largely
help organizations in saving the cost of printing the documents and its more users friendly since
most people like watching practically instead of reading a hard copy. This helps potential
customers not to make mistakes while installing.
From the three communication problems, I would prefer improving product installation and
documentation. ( Gronstedt, 2012). This is because here the consumer gets to meet with the new
product for the first time. The best form of advertisement according to me is through the word of
mouth. This is because the new customers’help in spreading information on how good the
product is and the best way it can serve other potential clients. Therefore, it is very important to
carefully evaluate and think on the best possible ways to make customers feel good. Poor
installation leads to poor or no performance at all making the commodity useless to the customer
hence affecting other possible sales negatively.
Product documentation stakeholders
Product documentation stakeholders are very numerous they include; customers, technical
support staff, and marketing staff. As for the customers, they get to learn much about the
commodity. Consumers learn about the price of the commodity, how the commodity looks like
and how to install the commodity in the case of a new commodity to a given customer. In the
case of the technical support staff, if the commodity is packaged well with the right information
allows them to venture in other areas like improving on the quality and quantity instead of
emphasizing on purely installation. Lastly, on the marketing staff it has several advantages.
Firstly, it makes it simpler on advertisement on the commodity since in most cases satisfied staff
spread information on the product. Secondly, it reduces cases and complications on installation
of the product.
Established communication problems
In order to improve on the product promotion it is very important to evaluate the possible
problems attributed towards a given commodity and the solutions to the problems.( Gronstedt,
2012). Here we focus on the problems a consumer has gone through then from there we come
up with solutions, which are solved, from the manufacture. In most cases the information should
be linked with installation of the product and the best way to improve on its efficiency. The
information should be passed in the best and simple manner so as to encourage and enable others
to learn more about the commodity. For instance, it doesn’t make sense in keeping information
in a zipped download difficult to understand as compared to using an open download site.
Therefore, the information should be passed in the simplest and safest way.
Framework for continued communications
Information should be written in layman’s language to make it very easy to understand. From
there, pictures should be included because as mentioned earlier, pictures pass message better as
compared to written words. Therefore it is very important to include them.it is also good to
include the most asked questions in the documentation because it helps users to get in touch. The
information should be simple to assist users in transition from one-step to another. For example,
physically installing the device downloading and installing the product software. Through this
better communication can be felt and more viable solutions be put in place.
Training plan andSpecified Guidelines from Your Focus Area
There are key stakeholders needed in order to address the communication within the mobile
division of BOLDFlash it is vital to develop a training plan in place.( Gronstedt, 2012).
can only be done through coming up with a plan to educate the employees. In most cases, we
prefer top down approach to address the problem. Once the managers have been taught the
training skills they usually pass them to other managers and then later to other junior workers in
the chain. Then from there the information is passed to other stakeholders of BOLDFlash.
Training the workers will improve the output of their work and make the whole process more
effective than before.
Several communication strategies need to be incorporated to make the communication strategy
moreappropriate . The main strategies are discussed in this paragraph. Firstly, allow the
employees and the stakeholders to get to know each other well on the initial meeting times. This
is very important as it helps the people involved and those in charge of the communication
program to understand the interests of those involved and make the process better. At this stage,
encouragement can be given in order to lure as many people as possible in the project to come up
with better and more efficient results. Changing the attitude of resistant members in who don’t
like change can also be addressed in this stage. Secondly, it is important to trust in the
communication. Once the process kicks off, the audience is usually divided in to several groups.
Here the group members have to rely on one another and develop trust amongstthem to make the
communication more and more effective. For instance, a technical support staff has to trust the
R&D manager on product installation and documentation. This is because the current word
advocates the practice of job specialization and division and each individual is best suited in a
particular area and due respect should be given. It is also very important to set SMART
objectives in the communication development programs. This means that we should have
specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound projects. This helps in developing
realistic programmes instead of developing objectives just for the sake without the interests of
the projects at heart.
Thirdly, it is important to understand the audience(Gronstedt, 2012). Audience in this case refers to
the key stakeholders needed in the formulation of the program. It is very important that we ask
the audience important questions to evaluate how they take the whole process generally.
Therefore, it is important that we use the right ways and methods to come up with a better and
idea that is more brilliant. It is very important to get to learn about the various challenges in
place and generally involve people in making critical decisions. This is because through
understanding the audience allows people to learn from one another. For instance, a technical
support staff can learn from a R&D manager about installation of a particular program in the
institution. Therefore, it is very important that we respect one another and we try to cultivate the
culture so as to reach as many people as possible in the lower job strata. Lastly, it is important to
review the metrics. Once the process is set, it is very important that we be reviewing it
periodically. This makes sure that we make and set measurable goals. Therefore, it is very
important that we review and change them periodically depending on the challenges while
keeping in mind the set goal and objective of the whole process. Employees can also be
monitored in this process of reviewing. Awards can be given to various stakeholders to
encourage them to participate in the whole process.
Collaborative culture
For any strategy to work, it is important that organizations develop a positive culture towards
change in the organization(Kissane, Bylund, Banerjee, Bialer, Levin, Maloney&D’Agostino 2012) . Many
strategies fail because people lack a comprehensive culture that factors in positive change in the
organization. Most old cultures are always resistant to change in a given institution. There are
five key components of a successful comprehensive culture. They include; firstly, having a
transparent communication within the entire organization to allow appreciation of each
stakeholder. Secondly, develop cross-functional teams to allow diversity within the organization.
Thirdly, develop a communication strategy, which incorporates customers in order to make them
feel part of the whole process. Fourthly, recognizing and rewarding those who collaborate with
the changing culture so as to encourage others to change their attitude. Lastly, creating some
training programs aimed in helping leaders and various stakeholders to implement and encourage
further collaboration.
Transparent communication builds trust among the stakeholders. This is because in most cases
same message can be conveyed without any form of corruption. This builds trust among the
workers and makes them feel part and parcel of the larger project. About the cross-functional
teams, it is important that we bring different stakeholders together to come up with a better
strategy. Different people are good in different areas and it is very important that we bring them
together to come up with a better and more brilliant idea. On the communication strategy, it is
very important that we factor in customers in the overall process. This makes them to feel part of
the overall communication strategy. This helps them to be in a position to communicate directly
with the manufacture and be in a position to give feedback, which assists the industry in making
key improvements to satisfy the customers more. In addition, customers have the ability of
giving encouragement leading to better service delivery.
Training BOLFlash
The function of training BOLDFlash is mainly vested in the management. The management team
needs to integrate its stakeholders in order to achieve their goals together. In order to achieve
this, the management should undertake several techniques seriously. The main ones are; Firstly,
they need to nature a collaborative culture to make people like and develop positive attitude
towards change(Cargile & Giles 2012). This makes the whole process simpler since the people
involved a willing to accept the change being introduced. Secondly, the information can be
passed in short notices inform of PowerPoint slides or short videos which are interesting and
simple to remember. The videos further offer a platform whereby illustrations can be shown.
Lastly, the management should put in place modern packaging and documentation with pictures
showing more about the product. This acts as a form of advertisement and further aids the new
customer in installation of the new product. This leads to better relations among the customers
and the manufactures of the product.
The training:
The main area of focus is the customers. Here we will look on how to address them, our message
to customers, and to what extent is the technical communication successful in delivering the
intended message.
How to address our customers
Product documentation is mainly meant for customers and therefore, the information needs to
accessible to them in the language they understand best. The mobile division model aims at
passing information through hardcopy manuals of through the website to assist customers on
how to install a given product. The customer can be a new one or a customer who had one tried
the product before. Quality product documentation assumes that all the customers are new in
order to reach out as many customers as possible. Several guidelines should be followed in
addressing customers. Firstly, the information should be passed in layman’s language. This
means that it should not be professional in any manner. It should be very simple to read and
understand. This helps in passing the information correctly and reaching out as many customers
as possible. Secondly, in case of any industrial terminology being used it is very important that
explanation be given. This helps the users to understand the information better and more
precisely. The information on explanation of terminologies can be discussed in the glossary page
explaining what ought to be done and when depending on the terminology used. Thirdly, pictures
should be included in the given manual. In most cases, the information written in this manual is
usually not written in the first language of different customers. This therefore calls for use of
images since in most cases they pass information in a better and more precise manner. Actually,
pictures have the ability to pass information better and in a manner which is hard to forget as
compared to written information, which is forgettable easily. Lastly, it is very important that we
create on online platform whereby communication between the customer and the manufacturer
or producer is set. This can be done through use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter
and Instagram, giving out online numbers, which customers can use to communicate with the
producers(Weller, Boyd& Cumin 2014). This helps customers to reach out the manufacturers in
case of any complain or problem encountered in setting up the product. The online system should
be very efficient to give out feedback to the customer hence promoting consumer loyalty and
trust towards a given manufacturer. After all this is upheld, it is important to maintain the
information in convenient websites so as to keep the given information in an organized manner
for future use and further decision making process.
Our message to customers
The message to our customers should be given in a manner in which makes the customers to act
as brand ambassadors of the given product. This is mainly done through taking our customers as
friends without merely focusing on making money only. Therefore, it is very advisable to
produce a quality product documentation, which clearly explains about the product in the best
and most convenient manner. Pictures should be included and the information written in different
languages in order to reach out as many clients as possible. The focus of product documentation
is the installation of the product and in most cases it should be included and described in the best
manner possible to create some sense of attachment towards the given documentation. The
information should further be written in active and not passive voice. This is because it makes
the customers feel as if we are dressing them directly. Therefore, it is very important that we
write the information in active voice to keep the customers glued to the product document. Again
just a reminder, the information should be recorded in different languages to reach out several
environments and customers.
The extent of success of the product documentation through the message
In order to learn about the success of new product documentation we should first focus on the
current and the past system to evaluate the improvements. Past product documentation have had
serious complications. Firstly, they exclusively used one language hence limiting the target
audience tremendously(Park & Kim 2013). Secondly, they are not friendly when it comes to use of
technology. Several people do not know on how to download items from the internet, which used
to be the case hence reducing the efficiency and the overall population that receives the message.
Lastly, they lacked pictures illustrating on how to install a given product. All this challenges
have been addressed formally by introduction of better and more convenient methods of product
documentation. This includes use of various languages, simple websites and user friendly and
use of pictures to aid in passing the message.
This has largely helped in answering these questions for good;
To what extent was the technical communication successful in delivering the intended message?
Did the necessary information get through to the target audience? Since the communication has
been made very successful through addressing the necessary targeted population in the most
efficient and friendly manner.
Adoption example
In purchasing BOLDFlash you need to have download drivers to assist you in the installation of
the new application. If by any chance, you do not have the drivers follow the steps below;
Step one: Right click your computer in the desktop to create a new folder
Step two: Rename the folder you have created by right clicking then select rename
Step 3: rename your folder as flash drive
Step 4: double click the folder and create a folder named driver with some information inside it
Step five: download Irrlicht using http://link%20http/irrlicht.techtoys.net/downloads.html
Step six: go to the downloads extract all to unzip and select the folder you just created and press
Step eight: repeat step six by going to downloads then extracting them to unzip the file then
select ok.
Each step has been accompanied by images and links highlighted so as to assist on in creating
the new thing. Simple format has been used with friendly language simple to understand. A
glossary is advisable when dealing with a complicated commodity.
Product documentation has changed overtime and it very important to use better and friendlier
language in passing the intended message. So it is advisable that all this is put in serious
consideration for better output.
Weller, J., Boyd, M., & Cumin, D. (2014). Teams, tribes and patient safety: overcoming barriers
to effective teamwork in healthcare. Postgraduate medical journal, 90(1061), 149-154.
Kerzner, H. R. (2013). Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John
Wiley & Sons.
Gronstedt, A. (2012). The customer century: Lessons from world class companies in integrated communications.
Kissane, D. W., Bylund, C. L., Banerjee, S. C., Bialer, P. A., Levin, T. T., Maloney, E. K., &D’Agostino, T. A.
(2012). Communication skills training for oncology professionals. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 30(11),
Cargile, A. C., & Giles, H. (2012). 10 Intercultural Communication Training: Review, Critique, and New
Theoretical Framework. Communication Yearbook 19, 385.
Park, C. S., & Kim, H. J. (2013).A framework for construction safety management and visualization system.
Automation in Construction, 33, 95-103.

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